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Guanzheng Chen 陈冠政




Guanzheng Chen was Born in Yantai, China on 19. September 1999. He has shown an extraordinary interest and sensitivity to music since childhood. 


With age of 6 he began to learn piano with his first piano teacher Xiuqing Chen. With age of 9 he  began to study piano with Xinning Zhang, the piano teacher from central conservatory of music in Beijing.


From 10 to 17 Guanzheng Chen visited the music school of central conservatory of music in Beijing and learned piano with Xinning Zhang and Hongbo Quan. 


During the time in China, Guanzheng Chen has won many piano competitions domestic and internationally. Among others, he was invited to play liszt piano marathon rhapsody music festival and Beijing international music festival.


In 2017 he received 3 offers from 3 top music university in Germany: Berlin University of the Arts, Hanns Eisler College of Music in Berlin and The Cologne University of Music. He went to Berlin University of the Arts and studied piano with professor Mi Joo Lee, from 2019 he will study piano with professor Cristian Petersen.


During his study in Germany, he attends numerous piano recitals and chamber music concerts, which brought high reputations for him and for his music career.

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