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Credits to Jan Möllmer


Tsai-Wei Tien 田采薇



Tsai-Wei Tien is a distinguished dancer and choreographer hailing from Taiwan. She pursued her dance education at the Taiwan National University of the Arts, subsequently earning a prestigious DAAD scholarship to further her studies at the esteemed Folkwang University of the Arts.


During her tenure at the Folkwang Dance Studio, Tien collaborated closely with acclaimed choreographers including Emanuel Gat, Johannes Wieland, David Hernandez, and Henrietta Horn.

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Credits to Terry Lin

 In August 2015, Tien joined Tanztheater Wuppertal as a permanent member, participating in 20 productions by Pina Bausch and also engaging in works by notable artists such as Dimitris Papaioannou, Richard Siegal, Francois Chaignaud, and Cecilia Bengolea.


Tien's artistic endeavors extend beyond the stage, as she actively leads projects with her company
Peculiar Man, fostering international collaborations particularly with artists from Taiwan.

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Credits to Terry Lin

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